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Q: When is a building permit needed?
Any time that you are constructing an addition, renovating an existing structure or building a new structure a permit will be required. In addition if the accessory structure is less than 101 square feet a permit will not be required but it must meet the setback requirements of the ordinance


Q: Whom do I contact regarding on lot sewage questions?
Michael Corle is the appointed Township Sewer Enforcement Officer and he can be reached at 412-600-5813 or at 724-586-1165 ext. 317.

Penn Township

Q: Where do I send a request for a Municipal No Lien Letter?
Your request can be made to Penn Township at 157 East Airport Road, Butler, PA 16002 along with the information pertaining to the property in question and a self addressed stamped envelope. Fees are $15 to be mailed back and $20 to be faxed back.

Q: How can I find what zoning district I am located in?
We have a link to an official zoning map on the web site, but if for any reason you need further assistance please contact our office at 724-586-1165.

Q: What do I need to do to subdivide my property?
On this web site you will find a Subdivision Process PDF File under Land Development. If there are other questions you can contact the Land Use Department.

Q: How do I get a burning permit?
You must contact the police department at 724-586-1169 and leave your name, address, telephone number and the person who will be responsible to monitor the open burning. A copy of the Burning Ordinance (Ordinance 111) can be viewed in its entirety as a download on the police department section of the website.

Q: What is our tax rate for Penn Township?
The township millage is 8.00 mills, County and School District tax rates can be viewed on the tax administration page of this website.

Q: When does the Board of Supervisors meet?
The Board meets the third Monday of each month beginning at 6:00 p.m. This may vary when there is a holiday or Election Day. The Planning Commission meets the first Monday of each month beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Q: When I have a road problem what should I do?
Immediately contact the public works department at (724) 285-9317 to report potholes or any other road hazard that you may be experiencing. Please note the following roads are State Roads and problems on these roads should be reported directly to PENNDOT: Route 8 (Pittsburgh Road), Brownsdale Road, Three Degree Road (South of Brownsdale), Renfrew Road, Meridian Road, Rockdale Road, and Dinnerbell Road.

Q: Do I need a soliciting permit to sell goods door to door?
Yes, applications for a soliciting permit can be obtained under the permits section of the website, and are required to peddle goods, door to door or out of a roadside stand.

Q: Is a permit required to install an alarm system in my home?
Yes, a permit must be obtained from the Police Department and renewed every 2 years in order to have an alarm system in your home.  The cost is $15.00. 

Q: What do we do if we have a stray dog at our home?
Contact the Penn Township Animal Control Officer, Dennis Sybert at (724) 352-4732.

Q: Where do I obtain applications to renew my driver's license, registration or obtain a handicap placard for my vehicle?
They can be obtained by contacting PENNDOT directly at http://www.dot.state.pa.us/

Q: Where do I vote in Penn Township?
Residents living on the west side of Route 8 vote at the Penn Township Fire Department, residents living on the east side of Route 8 vote at the Penn Township Municipal Building.

Q: What do I do if there is a dead deer?

If it is located on a State Road, contact  Penn Dot at (800) 349-7623.  If it is on a Township Road, contact the Game Commission at (814) 432-3187. 

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