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The Penn Township Planning Commission consists of five members, all of whom are residents of the Township, appointed by the Township Board of Supervisors. At least three of the members must be citizen members and not officers or employees of the Township. The members serve staggered, four-year terms with compensation. Duties of the Commission include the following:

  • Review proposed subdivisions and land developments and forward recommendations to the Board of Supervisors.
  • Review all applications for amendments to the zoning ordinance or zoning map and forward recommendations to the Board of Supervisors.
  • Prepare and maintain a Comprehensive Plan for the physical development of the Township. Components of the Comprehensive Plan include a land use plan, thoroughfare plan, community facilities plan, and public improvements program.
  • Review and propose amendments to the Township Comprehensive Plan to reflect changing land use and demographic conditions.
  • Review and forward recommendations on Planned Residential Developments based on consistency with the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Review and render decisions on all submitted site plans for commercial uses.
  • Hold public hearings and meetings as necessary.
  • Instruct the Department of Planning to undertake such studies as are deemed necessary, including surveys, studies, and analyses of housing, demographic, and economic characteristics; amount, type, general location, and interrelationships of different categories of land use; general extent and location of transportation and community facilities; natural features affecting development; natural, historic, and cultural resources; and prospects for future growth in the Township.
Penn Township

Clinton A. Bonetti, Land Use Administrator

Email: CBonetti@penntownship.org
Phone: (724) 586-1165 x302

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