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Police Department

The Penn Township Police Department is trying to enhance the quality of life by working with the public to enforce the laws, reduce fears, and preserve peace by serving and protecting our community for a better place to live. With confidence and pride in ourselves, we strive to remain courteous, compassionate and protect the rights of all the citizens equally. The ultimate goal of the Penn Township Police Department is to achieve excellence in delivering protection to our residents.

The Department currently has three full time patrol officers and one part time patrol officer. The department patrols and protects approximately 80 miles of state and local roadways. Our fleet is currently comprised of two marked patrol units and one unmarked patrol unit. Each patrol unit is equipped with V.A.S.C.A.R. speed timing device and Dell laptop computers. The computers are linked directly to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. These computers are used for checking for any Wants, Warrants, and Protection From Abuse Orders on vehicles, persons, guns, and miscellaneous other items. The computers also have G.P.S. and in the near future the department will be dispatched over the computers to calls through the 9-1-1 center. The department also has an Automatic External Defibrillator for patients in cardiac arrest.

The department has an Intoxilyzer 5000 and a R.B.T. IV breath testing devices for D.U.I. suspects. The department also has a complete networked computer system. The computer system has a state of the art video arraignment system used to see and talk to judges over the computer. The Department has a video system that records all activity in the police department. There is a holding cell for short term prisoners that has taped video recording for protection of the police officers. Each Officer has a desk, locker, and voice mail extension.

The Officers of the Penn Township Police Department have extensive training backgrounds. Some of these areas of training include D.A.R.E., Department of Transportation Commercial Vehicle Inspection, Accident Reconstruction, Drug Enforcement, Tactical Firearms, Tactical Building entry and search, Crisis Negotiations, First Aid, C.P.R., and A.E.D. instructor. The Department provides a number of services to the residents. One of our more utilized services is our house check program which allows residents to fill out a request for house check if they are going to be out of town for an extended period of time. The Police Department will then check the residences while you are gone to assure its security in your absence. The house check form can be downloaded on this page and then be submitted to the police department prior to your leaving the area. If there any questions you may have about the Police Department please contact the municipal building or e-mail Police@penntownship.org.

Penn Township

For a Police response please call 9-1-1 in Butler County.

For outside Butler County please call 724-282-1221. For any type of follow up information on cases that have already been reported please call 724-586-1169. The department fax number is 724-586-1173.

The following is a list of Officers and their voice mail extensions.  The main number is 724-586-1169.

Patrol Officers:
C. Cranmer, ext 309
D. Crawford, ext 308
J. Ripper, ext 312
S. Setnar, ext 310

Police Secretary:
L. Zerfoss, ext 303