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Tax Administration

Real Estate and Per Capita Tax

Tax Collector: Andraya Gealey
Phone number:  724-256-8222
Fax:  724-256-5472
Email:  penntwptx@gmail.com
Office Hours at the Township Building, 157 E. Airport Road, Butler, PA 16002 Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00 a.m. – 5:-00 p.m. or by appointment

If posted hours are not convenient please call for an appointment. Additional office hours are posted at the end of each taxing period.

Location of Tax Office: P.O. Box 144, Renfrew, PA 16053  
Taxes Levied/Millage Rate for 2014: COUNTY/TOWNSHIP/SCHOOL
County General Fund: 19.688 Mills
County Debt Service: 3.940 Mills
Township General Fund: 5.940 Mills
Fire Tax Fund: 2.060 Mills
Township Per Capita Tax: Eliminated in 2006
School Taxes: 87.680 Mills
Act 511 & Act 679 ($5.00 @): $10.00 per head for persons over 18, School District Only

County/Township taxes are billed on a calendar year with a billing date of March 1st
School Taxes are billed on a fiscal year-July 1st – June 30th with a billing date of August 1st

All Real Estate Taxes NOT PAID by December 31st must be liened to the Butler County Tax Claim Bureau and the Per Capita Taxes NOT PAID by December 31st to a collection agency.

Amusement Tax

The Penn Township Board of Supervisors has enacted Ordinance 108 & 120, which establishes an Amusement Tax within the township. The Amusement Tax rate is currently set at 2.5% on admissions to various activities within Penn Township. The tax is levied on any business, which may charge entrance fees, such as golfing, swimming, dances, or other cover charges a business may impose in their normal operations. If you have a business you feel may be subject to the tax you should contact the municipal building for verification. The ordinance governing this tax requires monthly reporting activities and imposes fines for non-compliance. A full text of Ordinances 108 & 120 may be viewed by clicking the link below.

Amusement Taxes paid to:

Linda D. Zerfoss, Manager
157 E. Airport Road
Butler, PA 16002
(724) 586-1169 x303
Penn Township

Tax Forms and Documents

Earned Income Tax

For all individuals living within the South Butler County School District a 1% Earned Income Tax is levied. The tax is levied on gross wage earnings of any individual employed with the taxing district. This tax is divided between the School District (1/2 %) and the Municipality (1/2%). As a new resident or a current resident you are required to contact the Earned Income Tax Office to begin paying your E.I.T. immediately upon establishing residency.

The E.I.T.C. also collects a $52.00 Local Services Tax from residents employed within the district. This tax is collected quarterly. Individuals who earn an annual earned income of less than $12,000 from net profits and earned income within each taxing jurisdiction will not be liable for the tax. An Exemption Form must be completed and returned to the tax office eack year in which the taxpayer believes his/her income will be less than $12,000. In the event the tax is paid and the income limit is not met, a refund will be processed by the tax office providing propoer procedure is followed. The Exemption Form can be found on the web www.southbutler.org under the tab Tax Information, or at the tax office.

In a joint venture to make the administration of this tax simplified, all municipalities within the South Butler County School District formed the Earned Income Tax Committee over 25 years ago. This committee has representatives of the taxing bodies serving on its board, and set policies and procedures for the implementation and collection of the tax. They are also charged with the task of appointing the Earned Income Tax Collector.

Important Tax Law Changes for Residents

Important Tax Law Changes for Employers